Welcoming more new custom-built additions to our fleet

We were really pleased by the wonderful response on the blog to our new DAF recently so we thought we'd continue to update you as we add to our fleet.

Mindful of the future requirements of our customers, we ordered a brand new 12m long rigid Mercedes Benz Actros 1835L nR chassis from S & B Commercials in Hatfield in October 2016. The chassis went into build shortly after.

In the New Year the chassis was delivered to Belle Coachworks in Lowestoft to begin the second stage of build. We've worked with Belle Coachworks on many occasions, they provide custom builds for us to meet our customers needs. For this new addition they built a custom body.

The body includes an internal load ramp, side barn doors for maximum access, and “air all round” adjustable suspension. This suspension can tilt the body by dropping the rear and lifting the front. In combination with the door ramps and ramp extensions, this will reduce the change in angles on loading and can allow us to load even the lowest ground clearance cars.

The new 2-car covered transporter (or 3 smaller cars) was delivered to us at the start of July, accompanied by representatives from S & B Commercials, who were, unsurprisingly, just as pleased with the results as we are.

As we said before, it's always great to work with Belles. They featured our new addition on their Facebook page. You can see a video of all their works in action on the page - head over and give it a watch!

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