Where in world (or UK and Europe) is G Transport right now?

Whether you're ordering a takeaway, the latest DVD, a new washing machine or having your precious vintage car moved, you want to know when your delivery is going to arrive. Real time delivery information is a relatively new technology which has benefits for anyone that has ever been trapped in their house all day waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Our customers often want to get the heads up on where we are so they are prepared for our arrival. Time was we could estimate the drivers arrival time based on where they were when we last spoke to them. With maximum driving time of 4 and half hours in any one period, that could have been some time before hand.

All that has now changed. Our fleet have been fitted with Quartix Trackers, giving us real-time information, enabling us to give our customer an accurate ETA without distracting the driver from the road. Now we know the location and direction of travel to the last few minutes, giving us a much more reliable idea of when your cars while be collected or delivered.

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