Showcase: Working with Kia as part of their partnership with Luna Cinemas

When we talk about specialist covered transport, it’s often hard to explain exactly what makes our car moves special. How are they different from the trucks you see on the motorway loaded up with 6+ cars?

One of the types of moves we undertake involve logistics for events. This means that we move cars for large events like Goodwood Festival of Speed, press tours and shopping centre placements across the UK, as well as vehicles that are featured in Film and TV.

Last year we were pleased to work with Kia, who sponsored The Luna Cinemas outdoor screenings, which took place over the summer. It was the right year for outdoor cinema, with the lovely weather we had. Visitors would be treated to amazing venues like Hampton Court and a screening of classic films and recent favourites like ‘The Greatest Showman.’

We had a range of Kia cars which were delivered and collected from each venue so they could be shown to visitors as part of Kia’s sponsorship. For each screening we brought the vehicles onsite and helped to move them into place, when needed. We would then return during the pack down and take them to the next venue.

For some of the screenings there were a few days in between so we had the vehicles at our yard, safe and secure, where they could also be valeted so to look their very best for the next venue.

At the end of the summer this handful of cars grew to over 20, that were stored securely, valeted and fueled, and then delivered to Harrogate, Cheltenham and Gleneagles for a ‘ride and drive’ on a press tour. Local firm, Auto Image Valeting, came onsite at the yard to get the fleet shining before they went out each time.

So, whatever your event, we’ve got the vehicles and logistics experience that will help make the whole experience go as smoothly as possible. Get in touch to chat to Dave about your requirements.

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